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Japan 2018

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Ever thought of playing hockey in Japan? 3 teams to be fielded: 2 mens team and 1 women team… WANT TO COME? Do you have an interest in going? Give us a call – 1 905-898-5700 – Ask for Mark Sadgrove You can also email us – Visit our contact page for more info


Australia Hockey Tour 2016

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In July, 2016, the Canadian Moose Travelling Hockey Team took in a tour of the land downunder, flying from Toronto into the winter temperatures of Sydney Australia! Temperatures are a fair bit warmer in Australia than in Canada – the type of mild temperatures that might make winter a lot more enjoyable! We played four […]


So here I was, just watching hockey

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So here I was, just watching hockey ( like THATS new) and I hear this voice on a commercial. Right away I knew it was my old friendly acquaintance from 20 years ago, having the time of his life up on the skyrink. I cant tell you how happy I was to see that you […]


Iceland April 26 – May 1/ 2017

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Travelling to Iceland again this spring: The trip will be from Wednesday, April 26th through to May 1st, 2017. Of course, there is always the possibility of extending any stay – these are the dates for the hockey package.  3 teams to be fielded: 2 mens team: “Legends” & Young Guns team (under  40) and 1 women’s team… Each team […]


Molson Rooftop Rink

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Mark Sadgrove our Moose leader was one of the selected few winners to play on the Molson Rooftop Rink! Here is a video of why he was chosen: John Cudmore, Sport Editor for “The Newmarket Era” wrote an article about Marks’ experience for Molsons’ #anythingFor Hockey.  Click here to read the article and see some pictures. […]


Ireland Hockey Tour 2015

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The Canadian Moose travelled to Dublin Ireland in October 2015, a new destination for hockey! Several games were played at the Dundonald Ice Bowl in Belfast Ireland against three local teams, the Foxes, the Predators and the Tridents. Three Moose teams made the journey, one women’s team and two men’s teams. The women played the […]


Iceland Hockey Tour 2014

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Hey Mark, Just a quick note to thank you for all the time and effort you put into making the most recent Moose excursion a great success.  I personally had a great time and look forward to joining you on future trips.  Everyone was fun and friendly, the hockey was enjoyable and the side trips […]

Prague Hockey Tour 2014

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A Czech Republic Hockey Holiday… 8 days, 7 nights, Discover & explore Prague, visit the town Cesky Krumlov; where they have preserved it’s medieval centre, Karlstien Castle, Karlovy Vary…