Iceland Hockey Tour – April 2017

The Canadian Moose toured Iceland once gain in April 2017. Three teams competed in Akureyri, two men’s teams and one ladies team with an extremely full roster of both players and partners alike!

The first day was taken with a partial golden circle tour, seeing the sight of south western Iceland before heading to Reykjavik for dinner. The group visited Thingvellir National Park and walked down the North American plate. Thingvellir is the site of Icelandic parliament from 930AD through to 1798. A short journey to see a local geyser, Strokkur, which erupts every 6-8 minutes shooting a plume of superheated water up to 15m into the air! Then on to Gullfoss, the most famous waterfalls in Iceland. Following a short tour of Reykjavik, the team headed back to the hotel before the journey to Akureyri to play hockey!

Arriving in Akureyri, the teams played games on each of the next three nights. Games were set up in a tournament style for the men and friendly games with the local team for the women. Two local teams competed with the two men’s Moose teams. One of the local teams won the tournament championship, with the two Moose teams finishing second and third and the second local team competing but falling behind the two Canadian teams. In addition, the Moose played a combined game, taking players from each of the Moose teams and playing a mixture of local players, scrambling players so that locals were playing alongside Canadians. The sportsmanship was excellent and the camaraderie in Iceland is second to none!

While in Akureyri, the team also did some touring in addition to meandering around town. The players enjoyed a trip to various locations near Lake Myvatn and a dip in one of the local hotsprings! And the team photo was taken once again at Godafoss (falls of the gods) which is known to Game of Thrones fans as the Wall. Godafoss is the home of one of the leaders of Iceland, who, circa 1000AD, converted Iceland to Christianity by taking the statutes of the Viking gods and throwing them over the waterfall. This is a truly beautiful location in the northern part of Iceland!

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