Ireland Hockey Tour 2015

The Canadian Moose travelled to Dublin Ireland in October 2015, a new destination for hockey! Several games were played at the Dundonald Ice Bowl in Belfast Ireland against three local teams, the Foxes, the Predators and the Tridents. Three Moose teams made the journey, one women’s team and two men’s teams.


The women played the Foxes on the first night, followed by a mini tournament with both men’s teams playing the second night. The women finished off the hockey with a game against the Solway Sharks, a team from Scotland that made the trek to Northern Ireland to play.

In addition to the hockey, the Moose travelled throughout Northern Ireland to a couple of sites where the show Game of Thrones is filmed, as well as the Giant’s Causeway and the rope bridge. A trip to the Titanic Museum was followed up with a visit to a local bar operated by Canadian Jim Graves, Rockies Sports Bar, with the world’s largest collection of hockey jerseys! Mark Sadgrove and Dane Eldridge presented Jim with a Moose jersey to adorn the ceiling of the baralong with all of the others there!


The highlight of the trip was the visit to the Canadian embassy in Dublin, with a short visit with the ambassador, Kevin Vickers. Kevin was formerly Sergeant at Arms in the Canadian House of Commons in October 2014, where his heroic actions helped protect the lives of Canadian parliamentarians and visitors to the nation’s capital. He spoke a few words to the group and shook hands with all of those present before posing for a group picture. No one present will forget Kevin’s passion for Canada! It was an honour to meet him!Vickers

The remainder of the trip was spent touring Dublin, partaking in a dinner tour through several bars and restaurants enjoying the local fare, including a few pints and an Irish coffee! A chance meeting with officials from the Irish Ice Hockey Federation on a walk through a local park topped off the final day of touring, before heading to Trinity College to see the book of Kells and the historic library that has been in such movies as Star Wars Attack of the Clones as the Jedi Archives and the basis for the library at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies.


The next trip in the works is a visit to Australia tentatively planned for August 2016!


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