Public Deception

How can I purchase this new Novel?
Ernie Reynolds just published a novel in the fiction, mystery, thriller genre. He writes under the pen name of Adam Smith and said he simply needed something to fill in the blanks between Golf, Hockey, Curling and Travel. Retirement is a wonderful time! 😊

Public Deception weaves the mystery of a Harvard professor that establishes a group to research the cause of increasing political corruption in the U.S. and discovers a seemingly unimportant 1970 Act that appears to be the origin. A Canadian psychologist, and former spy, is working on a similar concept but their plan to join forces ends before it begins with the mysterious murder of the American.

The successful conspiracy, that originated in 1965, to hijack the U.S. Congress has enjoyed half a century reaping the rewards of their ingenious plan.

The astute actions of Catherine O’Leary, a Massachusetts detective, uncovers the thread that will unravel the plot and lead to another major scandal in the nation’s capital.

An intricate investigation by a small-town police department expands to an FBI probe that goes all the way to the President.
“This thriller will have the reader re-thinking their belief in a universally accepted premise. The story could be the spark that ignites a global movement.”

It is available in eBook format only at Indigo-Chapters – Kobo Books and Amazon– Kindle Books for anyone looking for an entertaining read.


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