So here I was, just watching hockey

So here I was, just watching hockey ( like THATS new) and I hear this voice on a commercial. Right away I knew it was my old friendly acquaintance from 20 years ago, having the time of his life up on the skyrink.

I cant tell you how happy I was to see that you were involved and chosen for that treat. I have visited the Moose site many a time in the last 20 years, know about your medical emergency, and I just wanted to say that they could not have chosen a better man to participate in that event. You have always been such a wonderful ambassador for this game, AND for this country. I felt a bit of pride myself just remembering how I shared that experience when we travelled to Australia and NewZealand way back in 96 if Im not mistaken.

Life has changed in a lot of ways since then. Some ups, some downs, and had to hang up the pads quite a number of years ago, but one thing has never changed….the memories and joy that your dedication to hockey brought, and still brings, to both myself and all who play the game.

Good on ya Sir.

My best wishes to you and the entire Moose organization for continued success.



Jim Dunbar


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