Summary of Past Tours

The Canadian Moose have been in operation since 1989 and have been on many tours. Within the past 5 years some of the tours have included

  • Australia
  • Scotland (x2)
  • England
  • Vienna
  • Slovakia
  • Iceland (x2)

We have hosted teams from Scotland, New Zealand, Australia and the United States at “Moose Headquarters” in Newmarket, Ontario. One of the highlights is going to Georgina island to play the Ojibwe on an open air rink under the stars and moon light. More recently, the Canadian Moose now have a rustic four season “Moose Lodge” located on a cove with 200 feet of waterfront property just off of Canal Lake. Ideal conditions for frozen “Pond Hockey” and great for summer water fun.

Some old Moose Footage

2004 trip to New Zealand

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