Instead of telling you how great our hockey trips are we thought it would be nice to let some people who have traveled with us share their experience. Read the comments below to find out what you’ve been missing!

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Kevin Watts

Iceland Tour Compilation

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7 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Yves Dalcourt

    Great experience which has allowed me to meet new people, make new friendships while enjoying a new country and of course hockey.

  2. Sandi King

    A trip of a lifetime, full of great memories and new friends made.
    Seriously, the sight seeing was picturesque untouched by “tourism”. To fit in some hockey was a bonus. The games were really fun. Finally, it was great to meet some of the locals after the games.

  3. Steve Watts

    Having just returned from my first Moose migration, this one to the beautiful and interesting country of Iceland I can honestly say the Canada Moose is a first class organization and I would recommend these tours to anybody. I admit that Iceland was not originally on my list of places I had too see, but after this tour I really do feel fortunate to have had this experience. The scenery and friendly nature of the people and from the charm of Akureyri to the nightlife in Reykjavik it is a great place to visit. I have always felt that travel is a great educator and my knowledge of this great land has obviously grown significantly. Add to that the immediate chemistry of our travel group and all the different personalities that made up that group along with the opportunity to play hockey there and I had a blast from day one until the end of the tour. It is always the people that make it fun and this was a great group. If playing hockey and traveling happen to be two of your favorite things, like it is with me, then the Canada Moose organization is made for you.

  4. Tara Loseth

    My tour in Iceland with the Canadian Moose was a hugely rewarding experience. I played tons of hockey. I got the chance to experience Iceland’s unique culture and language, its stark beauty and its wonderful people. And, perhaps most rewarding of all: I was able to share, with fellow Canadians and with those from another country, my enthusiasm for the sport we all love.

  5. Jeremy Rupke

    I traveled and played with the Moose on the Iceland 2012 tour and it was amazing. It was the best trip I have ever taken and I am looking forwards to the next one. It was great to play hockey in another country and see the level of talent in a country like Iceland. The hockey was great an the scenery was amazing! Definitely worth every penny, I am already saving for another trip.

  6. Rose

    Good Morning Mark! Just want to extend a great big thank-you to you & Donna once again for your extreme generosity in hosting us (the BC gals) and opening up your home to a group of virtually complete strangers! Thanks for all the time and effort that went into planning an incredible Moose Tour and a very much enjoyed, once-in-a-lifetime experience! Have enclosed my Moose survey – hope that it will be helpful as you plan future tours. A few of us are quite interested in joining next summer’s tour to Australia so please keep us posted! Thanks again!


  7. Jason Friedman

    The Canadian Moose 2012 Tour to Iceland was easily one of my most memorable travel experiences, and definitely my most memorable hockey experience ever. The tour managed to find a great balance between sightseeing Iceland, playing some great hockey, and exchanging culture. I’m definitely looking forward to the next trip.


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