Upcoming 2013 / 2014 Hockey Trips

We are currently planning three hockey trips. Our goal is to keep the costs down to make the trips affordable, while also maximizing the amount of time we spend experiencing everything the country has to offer (and of course playing a few games of hockey against the locals)

Proposed Hockey Trip Dates

ICELAND  – Learn more about the past trip to Iceland. Personally it’s the best trip I have been on
TOYKO – 2018
If you are interested in any of these tours please send an email to mark@canadianmoose.org first and introduce yourself, you can also join us on facebook and enter your name and email in the box on the right to join our mailing list.
If you have questions just ask in the comments or on our Facebook page.

3 Responses to “Upcoming 2013 / 2014 Hockey Trips”

  1. Brian Rodrigues

    How do I get in on the Iceland trip in October?

  2. George Padanyi

    Hi Mark

    I am very interested in joining the team. can you give me details of the upcoming trips, costs etc.

    Enjoyed playing against you. ( you should see the bruise on my shoulder)! lol

    checked out your web site tell me more.



  3. Sheri Pringle

    When is the next trip to New Zealand… I was there coaching skating in Alexandra in 2004 when you guys were there…. I definitely want IN for that trip!!! Thanks


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